mIRC Guide

mIRC Guide

Postby Lukemob » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:39 pm

This mIRC Guide will guide you into downloading, installing and using mIRC to chat in channels on servers.
Let’s Get Started:

The first thing you want to do is go and download mIRC. I suggest going to their website and downloading the newest version. Once you have downloaded the file, run the setup program.
Installing mIRC:

* The first thing that you see when you open mIRC, is a basic screen that pretty much says "Welcome to mIRC"

Just click next to get to the next screen

* After this, you will be faced by the license agreement. You can read it if you want, but I’d just click "Yes"
* You will now come to the basic installation screen. Here you can change the installation path if you wish, however, I suggest that you just leave all of the settings the same. Now click "Install"
* After the installation is complete, click the "Finish" button. Don’t bother checking the Launch mIRC box.

Running mIRC:

Now that you installed mIRC, this Guide will continue with getting it up and running.

Open mIRC by using the desktop icon or a start menu icon.


Simply close the About mIRC box, and now you’re ready to use mIRC!

After closing the About box, a new box will popup, the Options Box.
Configuring mIRC:

Now that we got mIRC installed, and running, it is now time to configure it!

You will see this screen:


First, you want to setup the server that you want to connect to. Click the IRC Network combo box (where it says All), and select SolidIRC. Now, the second combo box should read SolidIRC.

You’ll also need to fill in these fields:

* Full Name – Put your Name into the box, I usually only put my first name only
* Email Address – You can put your e-mail, or a fake one such as mirc@irc.com
* Nickname – Put your nickname for mIRC. This is how you will be identified on the server.
* Alternative – A nickname to use in case your current one is taken. I usually put SagaBegins[a]

The [a] at the end of my nick allows time for my current nick to get disconnected

Now, you want to go to the IdentD tap and you will be faced with a screen like this:


Usually, this will already be filled out for you, but just in case you want to check it.

* Be sure that Enable Identd server is checked
* User ID – Your Username (for me it’s SagaBegins)
* System – UNIX
* Port – 113
* Check Show IdentD requests
* Check Enable only when connecting

Click OK to close this menu.

Now, I’ll explain the buttons:


Right now, there are only three buttons that you need to know about:

* The lightning button – Connects you to the server
* Hammer/Folder Button – Brings up the options tab
* The world with a # button – Brings up the channel search

Connecting to the Server:
Type in the chat bar, in the Status window: /server irc.SolidIRC.com
This will connect you to our server. You type /join #Magic-League after you saw a whole lot of text going by and you will be in the League Room!
Changing Nick
At any time, if you choose to change your nick (for a mini perhaps), use this format /nick Name

For me it’s /nick [0SagaBegins

You are now ready to start playing Magic through mIRC! But..for those of you who want to know more…please continue to read this guide!
Other Useful Info:

You may want to know how to private message somebody and SLAP them!

* Double click a user’s name to open the private message box
* Simply talk like you do in a channel (Talk in private message box), and it is sent to that user
* To slap someone, right click on their name and click slap!

The colors in mIRC annoy me. Do they annoy you also? If so, then you may want to go ahead and change those colors to something that you prefer!

* Go to Tools -> Colors
* This will bring up the color box


* Click the option that you want to change (Example…Click Normal Text)
* Then click the color you want to change it to, and it’s changed!

# When your done, click ok.

Have you noticed that a lot of people have their own quit message? Don’t you want your own too? Well, now you can!

* Go to the Options box by clicking the options button or going File->Options
* Go to the heading IRC and then the subheading Messages


* Now, simply put your quit message in the correct field and hit ok
* Your quit message is now set!

Registering Your Nick

On the SolidIRC server, you have the ability to register your nickname so nobody else can use it. To register your nickname, type: /msg NickServ REGISTER password e-mail. Keep the password to yourself and make sure the e-mail address is valid (you’ll have to pick up a verification code in your e-mail after registering). Once you enter in the verification code from your e-mail, the nick is fully registered. You can now ghost other users on your nick by typing /msg NickServ GHOST your_nick password.

To set up your mIRC to auto-identify, bring up your mIRC options window. Click on the perform button and enter in: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY your_password. Make sure that you are on the correct nick while joining and that the “Enable perform on connect” box is checked. You can also add in the join channel commands on separate lines to auto-join channels upon connecting to the server.

You can also find out more information about the solidirc network at http://www.solidirc.com and about the impulse script at http://www.impulsescript.de.

Thank you for reading my mIRC Guide / Walkthrough.

Written by: SagaBegins
Source: http://www.magic-league.com/

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