A small guide to configurate your eggdrop.conf

A small guide to configurate your eggdrop.conf

Postby Lukemob » Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:55 pm

Now comes the hard part for most, which is actually configuring the bot. There will be one file that you will have to edit, it is called eggdrop.conf. This file has a lot of comments to guide you through it but I will still go over some of them. So starting from the top, let's begin.

# what IRC network are you on? this is just info to share with others on
# your botnet, for human curiosity only.
set network "I.didnt.edit.my.config.file.net"

If you're on dalnet, then set the network type to "dalnet" etc.

# in 'eggdrop.log' put private msgs/ctcps, commands, misc info, and
# errors from any channel:
logfile mco * "eggdrop.log"
# in 'lame.log' put joins, parts, kicks, bans, and mode changes from
logfile jk #lamest "lamest.log"

Here you need to change #lamest to whatever channel your bot is going to be on. You can also rename "lamest.log" to "channelname.log"

# if compiled with owner, the following user(s) will ALWAYS have the
# owner (+n) flag (You really should change this default)
set owner "MrLame, MrsLame"

Make sure you change this and set it to your nickname on IRC.

# You MUST remove this line for this config file to work. This has been
# added to prevent you from starting up a bot that is not fully configured.
# Bots that have not been fully configured may join the wrong IRC network,
# the wrong channels, or generally do things that you do not want. Please
# make sure that you have double-checked the settings you want.
# There's also a similar line lower down, just to make sure you're reading :)

die "Please edit your config file."

Make sure you comment or remove that die line or your bot wont start.

# the server list -- the bot will start at the first server listed, and cycle
# through them whenever it's disconnected
# (please note: you need to change these servers to YOUR network's servers)
set servers {

You need to change this to the irc servers that your bot will be using. Make sure to check the MOTD on these servers to be sure they allow bots. You can list as many servers as you want here, each on a different line.

Source: http://www.linuxhelp.net/guides/eggdrop/

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