Fantasy Betting

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Fantasy Betting

Postby Xabriel » Sat May 30, 2009 8:52 am

Here's an idea for a game I had in mind...

A Football fantasy betting game.

* Register to bot and get a fake bank account with money to bet.
after logged in - bot will give you a bonus (like $5) for hours logged in ($5 for each 24 hours logged in)
* Can't bet if you're not on #EPL
* You will pay fee if you part #EPL
* Bot will write bet winnings/loses on #EPL
* Bot will annonuce best bet for the day (according to amount invested for money gained)
* Bot will announce best better for the week/month
* Bot will announce worst better for week/month.
* Bot will upload to a web all betting stats (bank accunts, money gained/loses, what bets each player made, day's betting odds)
A trigger to watch Today's odds.
* You can bet for a win/draw/loss - maybe in the future also for corners per game, first goal score, etc..
* option to loan money from the bank (of course with banking interest)
* Bot will have an option to see a list of betters bank accounts.
* game will have a tax option - peple will have to pay taxes for certain amount of winnings.
* an option to calculate your winnings (Odds for Chelsea to win 3.12 and you want to bet $12 - how much will you win?)
* betters will be valued - you can buy other betters - if they win a bet you will get a certain % from that winning (it won't be taken from their winnings) like %1 per win, player won $100 - you get $1.
* Most betted team/match (team that most people betted on
* Tips
* Bot will also act as a Bank: player get deposit money and get (banking interest), to increase their money.
** Player will have a credit level depending on their deposit and winnings (player that has a history of good winnings and depositing will have a higher level for loan credit than others - that's how the bank will determine how much loan he'll approve).
* if bettings are allowed during matches - odds must be updated during the match (A Player won't get the same odds before ko then in the 90' min of a game.
@ Shareholders:
Betters can buy stocks of their favorite team (of course there's a certain amount of stocks offered to the public - teams are traded in stock market in real, and maybe use real stock values, stocks go up and down when purchased/sold or other factors, once a player holds %51 of the stocks he becomes the owner of the club and the club is written as his asset so his value also increases)
* Each better is valued by stocks & money & bank accounts.
When you type !shareholders <team> you will see all the shareholders of that club
* always an option to sell stocks to the public at a lower price than current value
* Head-to-Head bet option - an option to bet against another better, if you bet on Arsenal (1.5) vs Fulham (3.0), you bet on Arsenal and he bets on Fulham, if Arsenal wins you get your odd win (bet amount * 1.5 + the amount of money he placed on Fulham), maybe also a bet with different matches: you bet on Arsenal vs Manutd (Arsenal to win) and he bets on Liverpol vs Sunderland (Sunderland to win) if Arsenal won and Sunderland lost you win your bet + his money, if both won, no one wins anything
* Multiple bet optin - an option to make a combined bet on a few games together win only if you get them all and then the gains are in a form of multiplication. example: Chelsea 3.00 odds and Liverpool 4.00 odd - you've made a $10 bet and got both right, your gains are: 3*4*10 = $120.s
* Taxes paid once a week - only those that won money pay taxes. Maybe taxes are paid into a bank account so afterwards the players can win it back in a creative way (maybe bot challenges player to head-to-head bets, or creates special bet matches to get the money, trivia questions for money?)
An option to see your weekly/montly bill: expense/income: Money gained by trivia questions, matches you've betted on, how much you bet, how much you lost, loans if any, fees, taxes, overall betted on certain teams, won/lost.

anyone interested in scripting it?

Re: Fantasy Betting

Postby zNigel- » Sat May 30, 2009 9:34 am

In my opinion, i dont rly think anyone would do that for you... BUT! If you start coding it, then you could ask here for help :)

Re: Fantasy Betting

Postby Cristian » Sat May 30, 2009 11:02 am

I agree with zNigel.

and I have to say its a well thought through idea, I hope you'll get the project realized.
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