[request] !get404

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[request] !get404

Postby chachin » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:51 am

link remover from .txt files

<@chachin> !get404
<CatBugBot> http://i.imgur.com/nDOwaSm.jpg broken link

There is a text file called !nsfw with a list of 10+ url's. All http://i.imgur.com/? links.
What what i want it to do is have a script that will test all of the links (1 per line) in the text file, and remove any that kick back a 404 or imgur image removed page. (AKA remove dead links)

Looking for a script that will Read line 1 of the nsfw.txt file; check the link; If good, then do nothing. If link is a 404/image removed, Then msg $nick the line that is bad in the nsfw.txt file.
Or if bad, Will msg $nick and remove the link automatically.

This all activated by a PM !remove404.
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