tktopic-0.9 - Bug for edit script!

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tktopic-0.9 - Bug for edit script!

Postby Mikkeldk » Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:35 pm


I have trying edit this script ->
Code: Select all
- I will try set Fixing in "mute" +m

I got error;

Code: Select all
[22:30] Tcl error [put_fct]: can't read "topic_rates": no such variable


You will see script? it will be big :/

Code: Select all
} elseif {$tk_p_status == "Fixing"} {
                set new_status 3
                if {$mute_status == 1} {
                        putserv "MODE $tktopic_channel +m"


} elseif ($stat_us == "3"} {
                        set topic_new_status "\0037\Fixing"

What are error?
I hope for your help

Thanks you!


Re: tktopic-0.9 - Bug for edit script!

Postby Cristian » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:07 am

there are several options.

1) debug, search for the variable that causes the error and work you way through there.

2) undo the changes and try again.

and for future help posts from, please try and give as much useful information as possible.
proof of advance
proof of advance
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Re: tktopic-0.9 - Bug for edit script!

Postby Mikkeldk » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:17 am

Altså det er fordi jeg gerne vil have lavet sådan at udover at jeg kan sætte "on , off , rebooting" til, så vil jeg gerne have sat "Fixing eller hvad det kaldes" på orange farve, så dem som joiner en channel , og skal request en bot eller hvilket, så står der på topic f.eks ; "Bots ( Going Fixing )" Eller (Fixing)

So it is because I want to be made such that in addition to that I can put "on, off, rebooting" is, so I would like to have the "Fixing or what it called" the orange color, so those who joiner one channel, and must request a bot or what, so it says on the topic example, "Bots (Going Fixing)" Or (Fixing)

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