Querying ut2004 Servers

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Querying ut2004 Servers

Postby Lenooox » Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:22 pm

i need help for UT2004 query script , i need an script which is to write to our server informations , who play scores of the teams
i tired one schocket script but i cant add other command :S can i add another command?now i need to type this : /sockudp -k gqueryut 7787 \info\
but this not public command , i can only use, ineed for a public command also
(sry for my english)
Code: Select all
on *:udpread:gqueryut:{
  sockread &t
  if ($bvar(&t,0)) {
    var %t = $bvar(&t,1-).text
    msg #uic.ut UnrealTournament - server: $gettok(%t,$calc($findtok(%t,hostname,92) + 1),92) map: $gettok(%t,$calc($findtok(%t,mapname,92) + 1),92)  players: $gettok(%t,$calc($findtok(%t,numplayers,92) + 1),92)

  sockclose $sockname

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