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Report Script

Postby StareX » Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:56 am


I need a report script that my bot will report who kicks him or ban him or deoping him op him or invite him or even not giving him +aop :)

So I want that script for my bot cuz I want to see whats going on, on my bot :P


<Botnick> Error: I have been deoped from #channel
<Botnick> Error: I have been kicked from #channel
<Botnick> Error: I have been banned from #channel
<Botnick> Info: I have been Oped on #channel
<Botnick> Error: I don't have flags on #channel !
<botnick> Info: I have been invited to #channel2

and something like that.
Thanks! cuz soon maybe I'll open a server with requests etc.. :)


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