/whois flood protection

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/whois flood protection

Postby PuNkTuReD » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:26 am

inspired by this discussion
http://www.sassirc.com/plugins/forum/fo ... c.php?1192

this is a ircop only snippet,
this will kill a user off of the server if they /whois you too much.

default is 3 in 10 seconds,
but i used an alias so that you can easily edit it to fit your needs.

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/whois flood protection (for ircops)
By PuNkTuReD

edit the "3" and "10"
example: 3 10
would be 3 /whois's in 10 seconds.
alias max.whois return 3 10
on ^*:snotice:* did a /whois on you.: {
  $iif(!$($+(%,$2,whois),2),set $+(-u,$gettok($max.whois,2,32)) $+(%,$2,whois) 1,inc $+(%,$2,whois) 1)
  if ($($+(%,$2,whois),2) == $gettok($max.whois,1,32)) { unset $($+(%,$2,whois),1) | kill $2 [ /whois abuser - $max.whois in $max.whois.time secs ] }


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