Auto OP/Voice

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Auto OP/Voice

Postby Kraziee » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:11 pm

i have this code.

Code: Select all
on @*:JOIN:#:{ 
  if ($readini(ulist\op.ini,$mknickfn($nick),$chan) && $readini(ulist\voice.ini,$mknickfn($nick),$chan) == $address($nick,2)) {
    aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Performing +vo on $+(7,$nick,)
    mode $chan +vo $nick $nick
  if ($readini(ulist\voice.ini,$mknickfn($nick),$chan) == $address($nick,2)) {
    aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Performing +v on $+(7,$nick,)
    mode $chan +v $nick
  if ($readini(ulist\op.ini,$mknickfn($nick),$chan) == $address($nick,2)) {
    aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Performing +o on $+(7,$nick,)
    mode $chan +o $nick
alias open.voice { run ulist\voice.ini }
alias open.op { run ulist\op.ini }
alias add.voice {
  writeini ulist\voice.ini $mknickfn($1) $chan $address($1,2)
  aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Added $+(7,$1,) to Voice list
  mode $chan +v $1
alias add.op {
  writeini ulist\op.ini $mknickfn($1) $chan $address($1,2)
  aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Added $+(7,$1,) to Op list
  mode $chan +o $1
alias del.voice {
  remini ulist\voice.ini $mknickfn($1) $chan $address($1,2)
  aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Removed $+(7,$1,) from Voice list
  mode $chan -v $1
alias del.op {
  remini ulist\op.ini $mknickfn($1) $chan $address($1,2)
  aline -p @Userlist $+([,$fulldate,]) $+([14,$chan,]) Removed $+(7,$1,) from Op list
  mode $chan -o $1
on *:LOAD:{
  mkdir ulist
  echo $color(notice) -at Loading Auto-mode system
  echo $color(notice) -at For help & Command list type: /
on *:START:{ if (!$window(@Userlist)) { window @Userlist | aline -p @Userlist Userlist Events! (Version: 1.2+bugfix) } }
alias { 
  echo $color(notice) -at Command list
  echo $color(notice) -at /add.voice <nick>
  echo $color(notice) -at /del.voice <nick>
  echo $color(notice) -at /add.op <nick>
  echo $color(notice) -at /del.op <nick>
  echo $color(notice) -at You Can view all the mode listing with the followings commands, if there is no file, nothing will happen.
  echo $color(notice) -at /open.op
  echo $color(notice) -at /open.voice
  echo $color(notice) -at But i do not suggest you to play with the files, or it could be broken. :/

on me:*:join:#:{ who # }

raw 352:*:{ halt }
raw 315:*:{ halt }

it work perfect.but.......
i want to other OP:s can pm the bot something like "!add.op/voice nick" so it add the nick to the op list. i must write "/add.op/voice nick" in the channel to add it
and i want to write it from myself trough pm when i'm not on the host computer and other ops will do that aswell.

a friend of mine tip me of this
Code: Select all
on *:text:/add.op.*:?: { if ( $nick isop #channel ) { add.op $2 } }
but it does not work.

anybody who can help?

Thanks in advance

Re: Auto OP/Voice

Postby PuNkTuReD » Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:09 am

the reason it wont work is cos, the aliases you have to add.op etc use the $chan parameter which will return NULL via pm

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