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Q commands

Postby zNigel- » Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:20 pm


Got bored and since I'm on default mIRC, I made this to make my work easier.

Right-click a nick to add them to Q or something similar.
Right click the channel window to see channel statistics etc.

Code: Select all
menu nicklist {
  .Q commands
  ..Change Q flags:.msg Q chanlev $active $$1 $?"What flags do you want to give $$1 $+ ?"
  ..Del user:.msg Q removeuser $active $$1
  ..Show access:.msg Q chanlev $active $$1
  ..Q whois:.msg Q whois $$1

menu channel {
  .Q commands
  ..Change my userflags:.msg Q userflags $?"What flags do you want to use?"
  ..Add/remove channel flags:.msg Q chanflags $active $?"What flags do you want?"
  ..List users of $active:.msg Q users $active
  ..Change topic:.msg Q settopic $active $?"What do you want the topic to be?"
  ..Recover:.msg Q recover $active
  ..Clear the channel:.msg Q clearchan $active
  ..OP me:.msg Q op $active
  ..Channel stats:.msg Q chanstat $active
  ..Unban all:.msg Q unbanall $active
  ..Set welcome:.msg Q welcome $active $?"What do you want your welcome message to be?"
  ..Who am I?:.msg Q whoami

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