BNC script again and again...

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BNC script again and again...

Postby Futz0r » Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:50 pm

i got a new script in yesterday, and i have many problem, but now its fine.. and ONLY now i have 1 problem.. and its

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[10:59:17 - 01:07:2010] (|Initio|) ¤  BNC added ¤  Ident: Futz0r ¤  Name: Justtesting ¤  Host: ¤ 
[10:59:48 - 01:07:2010] (|Initio|) ¤  BNC deleted ¤  Ident: Futz0r ¤  Host was not from denmark ( ¤

funny right ? - i'll make a bnc script, so its only "Scandinavian" they can request a bnc.. and i'm not sure where the problems is, but i think

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alias isdk {
  var %x = 1
  while (%x <= $calc($lines(ipranges.txt) + 1)) {
    if (%x == $calc($lines(ipranges.txt) + 1)) {
      return $false
    if ($longip($1) isnum $longip($gettok($read(ipranges.txt,%x),1,32)) - $longip($gettok($read(ipranges.txt,%x),2,32))) {
      return $true
    else {
      inc %x

but i'm not sure.. if you the full script.. so pm me on irc.

i'm not so happy to give it to others .. so therefore I like to keep it a little hidden if you understand:) - but you can catch me at # @

Re: BNC script again and again...

Postby zNigel- » Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:38 am

Helped at IRC. Never got a response tho telling if it worked or not.

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