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Sister sites

Postby Cristian » Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:23 am

Might, might not call them sister sites, but here they are.

Well for some, this isn't a surprise but we have some common channels and websites.

Those of you who runs free op channels or very creative protection bots, then #Takeover might be a place where you can learn and get experience about that. Takeover got protection bots and website for detailed information.
Read more about that here ->

And for those of you who strive for a great uptime, where else than (.dk stands for danish, but we welcome everyone that joins). You got that right, so does Uptime :D
Information here ->

The channels referred to is on Quakenet.

Please if you got a project you wish to talk about, create a thread in General, and lets talk.
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proof of advance
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