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Channel rules

Postby Cristian » Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:39 am

On the network Quakenet, we have a channel called #takeover, and to run a channel we need some guidelines.
More will be added, when we find it necessary.

The first 2 rules:
    1. Treat the channel like you want others to treat your channel.
    2. Treat others like you want others to treat you.

#takeover gives you a channelmode called operator status, which means you can perform some commands that could take out the channel, so we have to inform that this wouldn't be appreciated, if done.

    3. Don't give operator status to others (ravi0n and Q does that)
    4. Don't change channel modes.
    5. Don't kick anyone.
    6. Don't change the topic.

That should be end of the channelmode rules, lets proceed to the text rules.
What do we mean by text rules, well spam,flood,repeat are some, lets continue below.

    7. Please don't amsg (all message) The channel have channelmode +T (no multitarget messages) which disallows amsg, but some do try to work around it, please don't, the bots have anti-amsg installed.
    8. Please don't advertise, unless you are helping.
    9. Please don't repeat the same message, with or without a timer/script.
    10. Please don't flood the channel or users.
    11. Please don't use excessive ASCII codes.

I think that should be it, for the text rules.
Let us not forget this rule.

When a user breaks the channelmode rules, s/he will be added to our badboy list, which means that the user won't be given operator status when they rejoin.
We do have a list for the amsg users too. Anti amsg list. They will only be punished if they are on a channel with the script enabled.

I hope these guidelines can be used, if you think a rule should be added, please send me a message.
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