Dynamic Bans (Like eggdrop!)

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Re: Dynamic Bans (Like eggdrop!)

Postby Dandy » Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:18 am

Blady wrote:I think there is a mistake in your script

Code: Select all
on !@*:JOIN:#: {
if ($hget(dbans,$chan)) {
var %x = 1
while (%x <= $hget(dbans,$chan,0).item) {
var %q = $hget(dbans,$chan,%x)
if (%q iswm $address($nick,5)) {
ban -k $chan $nick 1 You are BANNED from this channel by: $hget(dbans,$chan,%q)
inc %x

You did not check if your ibl is updated (You don't KNOW the banlist of a channel when you join it (Stop me if i'm wrong))

In this case you're wrong, but you're statement is correct, when you join a channel you can't access the internal banlist, but in this case it is not the client that is joining the channel, it is another user.


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